Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Vol.16 Cover Art And Chapter List

Hiroshi Ueda, artist of "Full Metal Panic! Sigma", has uploaded the cover art for Sigma vol.16 as well as some sketches. It will be released on November 9th, 2011.

Full Metal Panic! Σ Vol.16 Cover Art And Chapter List

The volume will include five chapters. The first four chapters (c67-c70) will cover the remainings of the "Dancing Very Merry Christmas" novel and thus finish the story from Sigma Vol.15. Chapter 71 is the first to cover the arc of the final FMP novels "Always Stand By Me".

Chapter List:

  • Mission 067. Relation Between 3 Submariners
  • Mission 068. Full Metal-Santa Claus
  • Mission 069. Perfect Tactics
  • Mission 070. Very Merry Christmas
  • Mission 071. The Calm Before The Storm

It can be assumed that when finished "Full Metal Panic! Sigma" will have about 19-20 volumes in total. However at this point there are no details in this regard.

The cover art was uploaded to Ueda's twitpic account "UEDAsensei" on september 30th, 2011:

He also uploaded the sketches for the cover art in early september. You can find them here: