Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Vol.17 And Another (Manga) Vol.1 has shared raw scans of Full Metal Panic! Sigma Vol.17 and Full Metal Panic! Another (Manga) Vol.1, giving us a first look at both volumes. Another (M) Vol.1 has about 200 pages and does include the first five chapters. Sigma Vol.17 has about 160 pages and does include the six chapters 72-77.

Full Metal Panic! Σ Vol.17 Chapter List

Full Metal Panic! Another (M) Vol.1 Chapter List

In addition with the publication of Sigma Vol.17 the chapter numbers have been reorganized. Prior the 73th chapter "Forked Road" got released as chapter 72 as well thus mixing up the numbers of the following ones. With Full Metal Panic! Sigma volume 17 this confusion has been corrected.

Front Page of the 73rd Sigma Chapter "Forked Road" (72/73)
Front Page of the 77th Sigma Chapter "All For One" (76/77)
Sigma 17: Scans Chapter 72 Chapter 76
Another (M) 1: Scans

EDIT: The source for the raw scans is

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