Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Progress

Sigma Draft

A couple of days ago Hiroshi Ueda, artist of Full Metal Panic! Sigma, uploaded a draft from what appears to be the final Mecha fight between Sousuke and Leonard.

A couple of weeks ago a user of Mangafox.me also shared the scans for Chapter 81 (or 82 depending on which they choose for the final print).

Page of the 81st Sigma Chapter "Black & White"

With this sort of progress it should be no hurdle for Hiroshi Ueda to have Full Metal Panic! Sigma finished by 2013.

In addition Full Metal Panic! Another (Manga) volume 2 has been released about a month ago and does include the six chapters 6-11. It looks like by now they prefer the abbreviation "FP!A" so we might reconsider our current one FMPA.

Full Metal Panic! Another Abbreviation suggestion FP!A


  1. when will the latest volume be released?

  2. Our bet would be on November 9 but nothing has been confirmed yet. We will notificate our subscribers once the release date for Sigma 18 has been confirmed.

  3. when the sigma 17 released? where can I read it? mangareader.net is not yet updated.. can't wait to read that volume please tell me how?

  4. Full Metal Panic! Sigma volume 17 was released in Japan this Arpil. There is no english publisher yet to do official translations to the Manga. All there is are the fan translations done by Illuminati-Manga. In August they managed to release the fan translation for volume 16. Their translation for volume 17 should be released between late October and December if we are lucky.

  5. Thats a gross! it is not yet sure if will release between october and december?! if only i can understand japanese version.anyway thanks for the updates..