Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 18 Update

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 18 Mission Notes

So while we have to wait just a bit longer for the Full Metal Panic! Sigma volume 18 fan translation by Illuminati-Manga, here are some pictures and the chapter list.

Full Metal Panic! Sigma  18 Chapter List

The volume has 162 pages and includes the six chapters 78-83. The chapter names are:

78 - Pale Horse
79 - Human's Hearts / Machine's Hearts
80 - Hard Landing
81 - Black & White
82 - Showdown
83 - She Bade Her Adieu For Ever.

On a personal note, this looks like a very intense volume, which will make the wait for volume 19 even harder. Despite having some of the most insane action in the series, there are first signs of goodbye. Still probably nothing, that won't be topped by the final volume, Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19.

Teletha Testarossa saying goodbye to Dana

We don't know of any raw scans yet, but if this got you interested, check out some of the chinese translated chapters from the volume here:


  1. Can't wait for it to be translated
    When will the last volume be released?

  2. The release date for the final volume 19 has yet to be announced. However, we expect it to be released between late March and August 2013.

  3. Wow so the final conclusion for the story is on volume 19! I can't wait to see it in English sadly I don't speak japanese!.

  4. first should look for chapter 18 before going to 19 then 18 gimme gimme release it :L

  5. Too much waiting!! Illuminati manga will air the translation in no time i hope.

    And regarding the end of this manga... any recommendations of another interesting and as well drawn manga as the sigma?

  6. FMP Sigma volume 18 japan version (maybe 19 too)


  7. It's the chinese version. It's missing the last chapter (c83) of volume 18. And when reading our post till the end you might notice, that we originally posted that link of yours. Repost of a repost of a repost. Anyway, enjoy ;)

  8. When will be the english version be released?? Im waiting desperately... or is there any website that we could read in english?

  9. http://fullmetalpanicnews.blogspot.de/2013/07/full-metal-panic-sigma-vol18-fan.html here you go