Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Metal Panic! News - Year Two


today this news blog is getting two years old. It's been a great run so far and we'd like to thank all of you for that. In the past 365 days about 949 new fans subscribed to our facebook site, more than twice of the first year, pushing our total subscribers on facebook up to 1309 as of right now.

Looking back to the past year, quite a lot happened around FMP. We saw the release of:

- 2 new Full Metal Panic! Sigma Manga volumes (17 - 18)
- 6 new Full Metal Panic! Sigma POCKET COMIC (reissue) Manga volumes (1 - 6)
- 2 new Full Metal Panic! Another light novel volumes (4 - 5)
- 2 new Full Metal Panic! Another Manga volumes (2 - 3)

Yet all of them in Japan. Still no english western publisher is feeling up to the task.


- the announcement of a new Manga series called Full Metal Panic! Zero (serialized since December, no volumes released yet)
- a special edition for the fifth Full Metal Panic! Another light novel volume (with Mecha figurine)
- the release of fan translations to three more Full Metal Panic! Sigma volumes (15-17) by Illuminati-Manga
- Shoji Gatoh making numerous appearances at NikoNiko, teasing his fans to death while not announcing FMP season 4

We are still waiting for the final Full Metal Panic! Sigma volume (19) to get announced, released and translated, but we have a feeling it might be rather sooner than later.

So thank you for sticking around with us for yet another year. It's great to still make out faces from the time when this news blog had only 50 subscribers. You are awesome!

Right now we are working on a website. Progress is happening slowly as we have to work through a lot of tutorials, but it will eventually happen.

Thank you for a great second year. Keep it up! Yours sincerely,
Full Metal Panic! News


  1. Thanks to you too! Nice blog ;) A shame nombody is posting comments, here goes the first.

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  2. This site is a gem! I just found this site, this might be my new sanctuary!

  3. dont you have any link of those new volumes? im dying to know thanks..

  4. Can't believe I just found this place! Thanks for the updates! You guys rock!