Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Full Metal Panic! All Stories Blu-Ray - Part 3 The Scans

Edited Full Metal Panic! All Stories Blu-Ray Box Artwork

Continued from Part 2: The Content

As promised, we scanned the four individual cover arts from the Full Metal Panic! All Stories Blu-Ray Box in high resolution. After getting the neccessary equipment ready, each of them was scanned in 1200 dpi. Although up to 4800 dpi is technically possible with our current device, the resulting scans become rather impractical due to traces from the printing process getting highly visible.

The Four Individual Blu-Ray Artworks

Because we're not that skilled with photoshop, we present you the raw scans as transparent png's with the backgrounds already cleaned. If you think you got what it takes, get those scans and make em look awesome. No need to credit us here or anything - just make some great wallpapers.


If you think you got some good results, put them on our facebook wall and we might share them.

The official scans in low resolution can be found here:


  1. Can u reupload this? Links are dead i want that wallpapers badly Blu Ray Art works are cool kindly reupload it ty. FMP fan. T.T