Monday, August 1, 2011

Full Metal Panic! Light Novel Details And Trailer

'Full Metal Panic! Another' promotional artwork

There is a new trailer for the 2 upcoming light novels. As you may already know, one of them is the first volume in the spinoff novel project "Full Metal Panic! Another" while the other is a short story collection.


The trailer shows a lot of characters as well as the potential cover art of both the light novels.

FMP!A characters

Potential Light Novel cover art

Even though there are no official english speaking sources right now to confirm details, dedicated fans have gathered a huge amount of details over the past few weeks. Here is a short collection of the most important facts:

Short Story Collection:
Name: フルメタル・パニック! マジで危ない九死に一生? (Full Metal Panic! Seriously dangerous narrow escape from death?)
Date: August 20th, 2011

The new short story collection will be set after the events of 'Always Stand By Me'. Tessa's whereabouts will be one of the topics.

'Full Metal Panic! Another' vol.1:
フルメタル・パニック! アナザー1 (Full Metal Panic! Another one)
Date: August 20th, 2011

Neither of both characters from the promotional artwork seems to be related to any of the previously known cast. At least thats what their names suggest. There will be a new mercenary organization.

Name of the new Guy: Tatsuya Ichinose (市之瀬 達哉)
Name of the new Girl: Adelina Alexandrovna Krenskaya
Name of the new Organization: D.O.M.S. (Dana O'shee Military Service)
Name of the new Mecha: AS1

All those informations were mainly collected by the communitys of the FMP! board and You will find a lot more promotional artworks and details/rumors over there.

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