Sunday, August 7, 2011

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Chinese Chapters

Extract from chapter 64

With the english fan translation of FMP! Sigma is proceeding fast you can already view (read) the chinese translated chapters, as they already reached the final light novel „ASBM“

Please note that we do not scan the chapters since there already are various sources uploading them.

Our main source fort he chinese chapters so far is:

Additionally here are some of the older Sigma chapters yet to be translated to english.

Chapter 61-70 cover the events from the Light Novel "Dancing Very Merry Christmas" which is chronologically set before Sigma Chaper 17.

Chapter 61:

Chapter 62:

Chapter 63:

Chapter 64:

Chapter 65:

Chapter 66:

Chapter 67:

Chapter 68:

Chapter 69:

Chapter 70: 

Chapter 71 onwards deals with the events of the final light novel "Always Stand By Me".

Extract from chapter 72-2

Chapter 71:

Chapter 72:

Chapter 72-2:

Mediafire folder:

Please do not post any download links or spoilers to Sigma volume 12-14 on our facebook wall. Those volumes are about to get fan translations within the next couple of months. You can however view them online on the link posted above.

EDIT: We made a mistake when announcing to provide online viewing and download opportunities for the original japanese chapters while really only providing that for the chinese translated ones. We regret that mistake.

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