Sunday, March 4, 2012

Full Metal Panic! Light Novel Sales

The 25 currently released Light Novel volumes of "Full Metal Panic!" and "Full Metal Panic! Another" reached the historic milestone of selling over 10 Million copies.

For that occasion we present you the current and classic cover arts for the 12 "Full Metal Panic!" main story Light Novels. Take a look.

01 - Fighting Boy Meets Girl (戦うボーイ・ミーツ・ガール)
Japanese release: December 18th, 1998
English release: September 11th, 2007

02 - (Running) One Night Stand (疾(はし)るワン・ナイト・スタンド)
Japanese release: March 18th, 1999
English release: January 8th, 2008

03 - (Rocking) Into The Blue (揺れるイントゥ・ザ・ブルー)
Japanese release: February 14th, 2000
English release: June 17th, 2008

04 - Ending Day By Day [Part 1] (終わるデイ・バイ・デイ 上)
Japanese release: November 10th, 2000
English release: February 1st, 2011 (Part 1+2 released as one volume)

05 - Ending Day By Day [Part 2] (終わるデイ・バイ・デイ 下)
Japanese release: April 20th, 2001
English release: February 1st, 2011 (Part 1+2 released as one volume)

06 - Dancing Very Merry Christmas (踊るベリー・メリー・クリスマス)
Japanese release: March 20th, 2003

07 - Continuing On My Own (つづくオン・マイ・オウン)
Japanese release: October 20th, 2004

08 - Burning One Man Force (燃えるワン・マン・フォース)
Japanese release: January 20th, 2006

09 - Come Make My Day (つどうメイク・マイ・デイ)
Japanese release: March 20th, 2007

10 - Approaching Nick Of Time (せまるニック・オブ・タイム)
Japanese release: February 20th, 2008

11 - Always Stand By Me [Part 1] (ずっと、スタンド・バイ・ミー 上)
Japanese release: July 17th, 2010

12 - Always Stand By Me [Part 2] (ずっと、スタンド・バイ・ミー 下)
Japanese release: August 20th, 2010

This list does not include the nine Side Story volumes, the two "Side Arms" volumes and the two "Another" volumes.

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