Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Metal Panic! News - Year One

Happy Birthday, FMP!N.

Launched on March 27, 2011 this news blog exists for exactly one year now. In the past 366 days we have seen

- the announcement of Full Metal Panic! Another
- the release of 4 FMP Light Novel and 3 Manga volumes in Japan
- the release of 5 english fan translated Full Metal Panic! Sigma volumes (10-14) by Illuminati-Manga
- Shoji Gatoh talking about a "long awaited" FMP project to be released 2013 or later

and last but not least 360 people subscribing to our facebook site. Thanks to all of you. Your active support is most appreciated.

For the next year we wish to see

- the (epic) closure of Full Metal Panic! Sigma
- a translator and scanlator picking up both, Full Metal Panic! Another Light Novel and Manga
- more details about the "long awaited" FMP project (can it be more Anime now?)
- Illuminati-Manga once again working at a fast pace to finally catch up with Full Metal Panic! Sigma

and of course more people subscribing to our facebook site.

Thank you for a great first year. Lets make it 2.

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