Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Full Metal Panic! All Stories Blu-Ray - Part 1 The Box

Full Metal Panic! Blu-Ray Box All Stories

It's not common these days that a Full Metal Panic! Blu-Ray gets released in Japan but so it happened last week on October 25th. For the celebrations surrounding the fifteenth anniversary of the FMP light novel series, Kadokawa released a Blu-Ray complete collection containing all three Anime seasons and many extras.

We decided to split this review in two parts, this first one for the box and the second one tomorrow for the content of the Box set.

US FMP DVDs And Blu-Rays Compared To The Japanese -All Stories- Blu-Ray Box

For starters we're going to compare this Box set to the already released US Blu-Rays that some of you might own. Putting them next to each other they come at roughly the same seize, although the japanese AS Box clearly wins in therms of style.

The -All Stories- And Funimation Blu-Rays In Comparison

The slipcase is all-white with the new drawn Box art in the front and a few small screenshots in the back. The only words written on four of the five slipcase sides are "FULL METAL PANIC! Blu-Ray BOX All Stories".

Inside the slipcase there is a special booklet and four Amaray cases, containing 2-4 discs each.

The most gorgeous part about this Box set are the five art works. The seemingly new images come at excellent quality and are a real catch. Our favorite is the Tessa one, but decide for yourself.

In fact we like them so much, that we will scan them at high resolution this week or the next so you can download and tattoo them on your chests.

As for the four Amaray cases, each of them comes with a flip tray, regardless of the number of discs they hold. All Blu-Ray discs are white and numbered from one to ten. Both CDs share the Tessa cover art and are numbered 1 and 2.

The Four Amaray Cases With Flip Tray

To count them, one Amaray case with four BDs goes for the first season, one case with two BDs for Fumoffu, one case with three BDs for The Second Raid and a fourth case with the bonus content Blu-Ray and two CDs. There is also a promotional card for the upcoming Full Metal Panic! Trading Card Game from Crusade Systems.

Full Metal Panic! All Stories Content

In the second part tomorrow we will take a look at the content of the 12 discs and the special booklet. We can however confirm right now, that this Box set is NOT region locked. That's right - if you're thinking about importing this Box set, please do so. Playback will work perfectly fine on most BD-players all around the world. So long.

Continued in Part 2: The Content


  1. I can not thank you enough for your hard work. Please upload Tessa art work first :) Thanks

    1. http://www.fullmetalpanicnews.blogspot.com/2013/11/full-metal-panic-all-stories-blu-ray.html Here you go.

  2. Thank you very much this is great :) Is there any chance that it will be available in English? (I don't even ask if it will be available in Italian ahaha).

    1. Check out part 2 of this review. The japanese Blu rays have the english dub, but only with forced japanese subtitles. There are no english subs on those discs. Import the US Blu-Rays instead. They are Region B enabled and will play perfectly fine on Italian BD players. See also here: www.fullmetalpanicnews.blogspot.com/2012/01/full-metal-panic-second-raid-anime.html