Thursday, October 10, 2013

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19 Update

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Chapter 90 Front Page

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19 is the final volume in the second Manga adaptation to the Full Metal Panic! light novel main series. It ends the overarching storyline that began with chapter 17 as well as the story for Sousuke Sagara and Kaname Chidori overall.

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Volume 1-19

With 234 pages volume 19 is also the largest single Sigma volume yet, compared to the 160 something pages from volume 1-18. The main reason for the length is the number of chapters.

Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19 Chapter List

There are seven 'missions' (84-90), one more than even the biggest volumes so far. The chapter names are:

84 - Broken Arrows
85 - Her Cry From The Bottom
86 - Sagara Sousuke
87 - Will To Live
88 - Time Limit
89 - Father
90 - Always, Stand By Me

Hiroshi Ueda, illustrator and artist of Full Metal Panic! Sigma, once again outdid himself with this final volume. Working on the Manga adaptation to Full Metal Panic! for eight years straight (even before the release of TSR) i can feel nothing but gratitude towards him for bringing us this visual intense ride. He finished what he started back in 2005 and he finished it good, no, excellent!

Be sure to thank the staff from Illuminati-Manga once they release the fan-translation to this volume. It might take them until early 2014 but it has been a very long ride for them, too. So long!

Full Metal Panic! Sigma series


  1. hey, where can i find the novels to read them translated to English?


      Here you go.

  2. When will the volume 19 be released?

    aren't there any scans yet?

    1. That's up to Illuminati-Manga, but as they are already making progress, we expect anything between 1-4 months from now. There are no scans for the whole volume, but you can check out some of the chinese translated chapters here:

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    1. Did you not care to read the other comments, or are you purposely asking the same question again?

    2. Yes. Sorry haha. I'm just desperate to read it :P

  4. thx for the info, waiting forward to finish it!

  5. say, I heard that gatou is continuing the manga - its titled "Full Metal Panic Zero" it a sequel to sigma, or is it just a side-story arc or something..??

    1. This is Zero ... Shoji Gatoh is the author of the original FMP light novels. The Manga- and Anime series are all adaptations to the light novels. Zero is not a continuation of Sigma but a new adaptation of the same light novels Sigma is based on ... basically a reboot of the FMP Manga series.

  6. Hi! I just want to say that I really appreciate these posts! I love FMP and think it's wonderful that you're so dedicated to providing us with news on it! Keep up the good work :)

  7. i love FMP but in my place no one sell those copies T__T