Thursday, March 27, 2014

Full Metal Panic! News - Year Three

It’s that time of the year again. Today this blog celebrates its third anniversary. Like every year we we'd like to take the opportunity to sum up the FMP related news from the past 365 days. But first.

In the past 365 days about 1070 new fans have subscribed to our facebook site, almost doubling the size of the site and pushing total subscribtion numbers on facebook up to 2379. Hooray!!

To those of you who noticed, at some point in the past year we created a FMP!N website. However, we've already deleted it. To put it simple, it didn't work for us the way we expected it would.

September 2013 marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Full Metal Panic! light novel series. Surrounding the event over the whole year a lot of FMP related media got released, such as:
- the final Full Metal Panic! Sigma Manga volume (19)
- the seventh Full Metal Panic! Sigma POCKET COMIC (reissue) Manga volume
- two more Full Metal Panic! Another light novel volumes (6 - 7)
- two more Full Metal Panic! Another Manga volumes (4 - 5)
- the first two Full Metal Panic! Zero Manga volumes (1 - 2)
- the fifteenth anniversary Blu-Ray box set Full Metal Panic! All Stories
- a FMP themed trading card game in the Crusade Systems series
However, all of those only in Japan.

- the release of the scanlations to the final two Full Metal Panic! Sigma volumes (18-19) by Illuminati-Manga
- Shoji Gatoh’s new light novel series Amagi Brilliant Park getting a fan translated Manga adaptation and an announced Anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation
- tons of Mecha figurine based on FMP! and FP!A with even a MetalBuild ARX-8 coming up next
- the announcement of Full Metal Panic! appearing in yet another Super Robot Wars game called 3rd Super Robot Wars Z

Once again we didn’t get a new Anime season, but with Illuminati-Manga finishing the scanlations to Full Metal Panic! Sigma, there now is a more visual ending to the story accessible to those who prefer images over text filled pages.

There is still no scanlation group to work on either the Full Metal Panic! Another light novel or Manga series. Either or both would be most appreciated but is probably not gonna happen (looking at you, Baka-Tsuki).

As for us, there are still some topics we want to and will report about in the forthcoming months. After the end of Full Metal Panic! Sigma we’re not sure where the FMP franchise is headed to right now but we will stick around for as long as there is stuff worth talking about.

So thank you for this great third year. It has been the most exciting so far!

Yours sincerely
Full Metal Panic! News


  1. Please keep up with the news u guys r awesome...i really wish they make a 4th still waiting;)

  2. We really appreciate all your hard work in keeping us updated! Here's hoping for 4th season! I'll forever hold hope until Gatoh says it's never gonna happen, lol.

  3. As much I hope for the third season I think it is very slim since it has lot to do with terrorism and we all know that the FMP market is mostly based on U.S.A and Japan. In addition, the gun problem in U.S is getting worst day by day with will dampen the effort in creating it. The only chances it will release a season is when the world has finally resolved it's problem or some company willing to sponsor a whole lot of money to make it just to finish this piece of art. But that just wishful thinking. Nevertheless I myself and I believe fans FMP will continue on to hope that one day we can see the completion of the series. :D