Saturday, January 25, 2014

Full Metal Panic! Sigma Vol.19 Fan Translation

Full Metal Panic! Σ Vol.19 Cover

Illuminati-Manga has released the english fan translation for Full Metal Panic! Sigma 19 (Chapter 84-90). This is the final Full Metal Panic! Sigma volume. You can read it online at mangafox and mangareader:

You can download volume 19 on the Illuminati-Manga IRC channel:
Channel: #illuminati-manga
Command: !Sigma19


PS: It wouldn't hurt to thank the I-M staff for the hard work they did in the past five years. Just follow THIS LINK and let them know. 
You don't have to register or anything to post there, just type in some random name. Good luck!


  1. OMG :( Is it over? Rly? What shall I do after reading this? What should I wait for now? :(


    1. Really thank you for the opportunity to read the end of this saga. It's kind of strange because I’ve been watching and reading about the universe of FMP (from manga to anime) since i was 13 (now I’m 20). It's a story that is lasted over seven years of my life. I think everyone knows the feeling, it's like reading the end of our favorite book's saga or watching the last episode of movie we like so much, it's not that we "only" like it, because it means that manga,anime,movie,book have given us something more. Let's be honest because everyone has tried to run like a fool after watching Forrest Gump or try to see if a letter has been delivered through your fireplace saying you've been accepted to Hogwarts, everyone got excited watching Rocky running over those steps and cried with him after his “match”: we share the same feelings of anger, happiness and sadness of our favorite characters. It's like we project ourselves into them, because they have something that we don't, that is why after watching a movie or reading a book there's something that remains within us.
      I remember every time i read the FMP manga i was always dreaming about what was going to happen in the next chapter, until this very day. I've said that is strange because all my emotions and expectations linked to the manga are condensed now, I’m rewinding all the episodes I’ve watched, all the manga I’ve read in my mind, and i remember also some parts of my life of that period and it's amazing.
      I'm not going to say that this manga, or any books or movie have changed my life but i can say one thing for sure, they gave me incredible emotions and sometimes they also taught me something: it's because of that i will always be grateful of all these experiences.

  2. But I Hope That The 4th Season of the Full Metal Panic Anime Adapt On The Story Of Full Metal Panic Always Stand By Me Part 1 And Part 2 But Not The Story Of Full Metal Panic Another Light Novel. Because There already is a Type B Tsundere Girl In The Full Metal Panic Anime.