Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Full Metal Panic! TRPG - Review

Full Metal Panic! TRPG

A Full Metal Panic! themed role playing game was released in Japan last week and frankly i believe i am the most unqualified person to review it. So here is my review!

Full Metal Panic! TRPG Illustrations

The Full Metal Panic! TRPG is, like some of you might have guessed (i didn't), a book with basic rules and guidelines for a roll playing game between people, set in the world of FMP. Spread over the 272 pages are a bunch of game details, scenarios, character informations, charts and illustrations.

Full Metal Panic! TRPG Playable Characters

There are eight character classes:

1. Secret Student (Sousuke Sagara looking guy)
2. Commando Girl (Kaname Chidori looking girl)
3. Battle Wolf (Belfangan Clouseau type)
4. Commander Attacker (Melissa Mao type i guess...)
5. Girl from Russia (who looks like Tessa in a very revealing plugsuit)
6. Fire Bomber (a guy looking like Tatsuya Ichinose from FP!A)
7. Warlord (Leonard Testarossa type i guess...)
8. Whispered (Shikidouji is taking a lot of inspiration from her work on FP!A...)

I'm not an expert but some of these seem very random for a FMP themed RPG. Not sure about you though.

Full Metal Panic! TRPG Wrapper

If you remove the wrapper from the book you'll find on it what appears to be a playboard. This might be used in the game or not. If you have played different RPGs before (not the video game ones), a lot of what i'm writing should sound familiar to you. I asked some friends i consider experts and they told me how this sounds just like most of the RPGs out there. I seriously have to catch up on this thing...

Full Metal Panic! TRPG Sections

The Full Metal Panic! TRPG book has 5 sections and an appendix. It's mostly filled with written text and charts. Some illustrations here and there, most of them taken directly from the light novels. From what i can tell there is no stuff based on Full Metal Panic! Another.

I couldn't play the FMP RPG, let alone with friends, so i have no idea if it's fun. I'm not a RPG person but i would love to give this a try. Maybe one of these days somebody is going to (fan-)translate the game? Until then i will probably put this book on my shelf.

Full Metal Panic! TRPG Back

Along with the TRPG Kadokawa also released a scenario book called Full Metal Panic! Undercover volume 1 (there is more to come?!?) which i unfortunately was not able to buy at the time when placing this order. You can find a small illustration of it at the bottom left on the back of the wrapper. I will order Undercover 1 along with Full Metal Panic! Another volume 9 when the latter gets released this November 20 and update, in case i was missing something.

So long and thanks for sticking around!

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