Thursday, December 18, 2014

Full Metal Panic! News - IN TOKYO

Jindai High

So last week me and a friend went to Tokyo and did some location tracking on Full Metal Panic! It's probably a secret to only a few that Jindai High really exists and a couple of people have already been there and written about it. But it's not like i have a ton of news worth reporting right now so lets do this.

Full Metal Panic! News - IN TOKYO

The first thing i wanted to check out was the school. It's about 300 meters to the south of Sengawa Station, just behind a music and arts school. We got there on a Friday afternoon when students were still doing sports practice, cheering Ichi, Ni, San, Shi ... a fun experience to watch.

I always thought the school was named differently, but as later confirmed by some students, the School is indeed called Jindai High.

On the right side of the school is a graveyard. The left side is all sports fields (as seen in the Anime) followed by more housing areas. What stood out to me was the near perfect depiction of the school in the Anime. Besides some by now tall grown trees it still looked very much the same. You could almost imagine Sagara running through the hallway.

Of course you can not enter a school just like that while it's still open. I mean, i wouldn't want some 30~ year old whackos to stalk the school of my children. However, nobody says you cant ask. And so we did, which at least allowed us entrance to the shoe locker room that Sagara blowed up in Fumoffu multiple times and also some chit chat with the schools principal.

We ended up circulating around the school 2-3 times, talking to some curious students that were adressing us and then leaving the area with a very cheerful feeling i would say.

We also went to Odaiba, which was featured heavily in the first seasons A-21 arc (episode 9-12). The Abalest actually got dropped on the Tokyo Big Sight and the Daikanransha Ferris Wheel can be seen throughout all 4 episodes.

Although not FMP, while on Odaiba we also checked out the 1:1 scaled Gundam Mecha. It gives you a good idea of what a world with Armslaves could feel like.

I hope you enjoyed these few impressions. My next FMP special would probably be TSR in Hong Kong, but that one is still a few years out. So long and see you next time!

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  1. that's a fantastic article guys! I may copy your tour, as I am going to spend the new year's eve in Tokyo. Banzai!!