Wednesday, June 8, 2016

English-language SRW Game To Feature Full Metal Panic!

The Super Robot Wars V Logo

For the most part Super Robot Wars (Super Robot Taisen) is a video game series in which characters from multiple Anime franchises meet and fight. The long running series has featured Full Metal Panic! several times by now. However, these games almost never get a foreign release due to complicated rights issues and thus stay exclusive to the japanese market. This situation is not going to change entirely, but is about to get a lot better.

A new game - Super Robot Wars V - was just announced and set to be released in March 2017. It's gonna be exclusive to PS4 and PSVITA and is set to feature characters and Mechas for all three Full Metal Panic! Anime ans well as the soon to be animated light novel series (the source material for Sigma). This basically confirms the appearance of the ARX-8 who was already part of SRW Z3.

The Logos From All 3 FMP Anime As Well As The Light-Novel Series (bottom-right)

So far the announcement trailer only features Sousuke Sagara and the ARX-7 but i expect if anything the studio is gonna recycle their own work from previous games if not adding even more characters. What's remarkable about SRW-V though is the announcement of an official english-language version for SingaporeMalaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. This makes it rather easy to import the game through sites like, amongst others. Also all PS4s and PSVITAs are region free, no need for extra hardware to play it.

Super Robot Wars games are for the most part What-if storys. They do not further the canon of any particular franchise. They do however often feature some of the greatest moments of each series. The few fan translated storys i've played so far also turned out fun for the most parts (meaning those parts featuring FMP).

Super Robot Wars V Release Date And Platforms

I have no idea if you're gonna like this particular game. I'll tell you my thoughts though once i've got my hands on it, about a year from now. Read more about it here.

See you next time!