Friday, December 23, 2016

Audio Drama Preceding Full Metal Panic! IV Starts Airing

The upcoming Anime TV-Series Full Metal Panic! IV is preceded by an audio drama. It will cover the events of the sixth FMP light novel Dancing Very Merry Christmas. The first episode of that play aired today on Lantis YouTube channel.

The episode has about 10 minutes of content, plus a new opening song and narration at the end, bringing it to 12:38 in total. It covers roughly the first half of FMP Sigma chapter 61. It took Sigma 10 chapters to adapt DVMC. Like this, if every new episode is roughly 10 minutes of content the audio drama could easily go up to 15-20 episodes, maybe even 25. They could have a new episode every 2 weeks from now until Full Metal Panic! IV arrives in October 2017.

Promotional Art For FMP!4
The air date of the first episode was announced this week on The site also received a new section for FMP!4. There is no information yet as to when episode 2 is gonna air. Also there are no english subs yet. If you're familiar with the story you'll probably be fine without and happy like me to hear the original japanese Seiyuus returning to their roles. If you want to read into the FMP light novels before FMP!4 airs, check here.

Things are in motion now. And it's a great feeling. I'll post updates on the audio drama once more episodes have aired. Maybe we'll even see subs to them at some point. Since these plays are officially part of FMP!4 they could make their way over to the US, one way or another. Funimation might even dub and release them as bonus content on the BluRays or seperate audio book. I guess we'll see...

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