Thursday, January 19, 2017

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Logo
The fourth Anime series to Full Metal Panic! will be titled Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory. A modified teaser picture has been uploaded to which includes the official title and logo. The new Anime season is set to air in Japan starting October this year. We still don't know how many episodes it's gonna contain and are still waiting for a first Trailer/PV which should be released in summer.

Full Metal Panic! Very Merry Christmas Audio Drama

We also got a logo and airdate for the ongoing audio drama based on the Dancing Very Merry Christmas story line. Episode 2 will air on January 23rd on lantis youtube channel. Unfortunately there are still no english subtitles. But if you read the light novel or Full Metal Panic! Sigma you'll get what's going on. I myself am looking forward to finally hearing Tessa's voice actress again.

On a personal note, i think Invisible Victory is an incredible cheesy title for the Anime. Spoilers ahead. I assume it's aimed at how in the end they manage to not reset the timeline. A victory that nobody will notice since they just prevented a thing from happening. But this is already stretching it pretty far. It's an odd choice and likely done so only to match the IV letters. The thing is, the japanese don't really care about english words. They just pick what sounds cool to them. I'm glad we finally know the name of the new Anime. Now roll out the teasers.

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  1. As tired as I am (and I am extremely tired,) I couldn't be happier right now. It feels like I've been waiting forever for someone to come along and confirm the existence of the new season.