Sunday, January 19, 2014

Full Metal Panic! Trading Card Game - Unboxing

Full Metal Panic! Crusade Trading Card Game FPC1 Box

About a month ago a Full Metal Panic! themed trading card game was released in Japan as part of the Crusade System series. Here is our unboxing report about it.

Along the usual 10 card sets a starter kit called FPC1 was released. As we reported earlier, the box contains 15 card sets. However, only with themes from the Anime. You won't find ARX-8 or FP!A cards in this game, yet.

The Crusade Full Metal Panic! FPC Box compared to the TSR Blu-Ray

The FPC1 box is fairly small, but that's probably what you should expect from the packaging of trading cards. The box art itself goes back to an old promotional art work for the first Anime season by Studio Gonzo that can be found here.

In addition to the 15 card sets the box contains one seperately wrapped special card and 10 Tessa themed pads which are welded in plastic and seem to be part of the game mechanics, sort of.

The content of the FPC1 box

From the 61+6 types of cards that supposedly exist on launch we got 58, not so bad at all. There are 151 trading cards in this box. From those we got, 66 are unit cards, 51 command cards and 34 character cards.

The 151 Trading Cards Of Our FPC1 Box

Fortunately in our box no card was present more than five times. However, there are tons of doubles.
There seem to be some sort of special cards that are sparkling and supposedly rare?!? Besides the one specially wrapped card that each FPC1 box contains, we found 5 more of them. Three of those are characters, two unit cards and one command card.

Some of the trading card art works are new while others seem to take heavy inspiration from the Anime up to the point where they seem like direct scans from the Anime frames. It didn't bother us too much, they still look nice, but we feel that this Information should be added.

This is unboxing report is coming from someone who has never had the slightest interest in trading cards. Hopefully this review was helpful to those of you who are undecided about whether to buy this or not.

Anyway, here are two more pictures. See you next time.

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