Monday, January 12, 2015

About Amagi Brilliant Park

That's A Rip-Off
Now this being a Full Metal Panic! blog i was not planning on covering this series. Although i'm eternally grateful to Shoji Gatoh and how he influenced my life with FMP, i like to keep things seperated. However, after watching Amagi Brilliant Park i'm not entirely sure if i should. The overlapping tone, style and comedy struck me to the point where i'm convinced that this is a must see for every FMP fan. Let me explain.

Amagi Brilliant Park is a ongoing comedy light novel series by Shoji Gatoh, creator of Full Metal Panic. It's set in a fictional amusement park in Tokyo. Main character Seiya Kanie gets hired by his class mate Isuzu Sento (who has the ability to pull a musket out of her skirt) to save said theme park from certain closure.

Also, there is magic involved. Probably sounds like nothing special but this is really all you need to know about the story. You'll figure out the rest while watching.

What you should know:

  1. Amagi Brilliant Park is written by Shoji Gatoh, creator of Full Metal Panic!
  2. The Anime was done by Kyoto Animations, the studio behind Fumoffu and The Second Raid.
  3. The Anime is directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto, the director of Fumoffu and The Second Raid (and a bunch of other KyoAni stuff like all Haruhi)
  4. The Comedy is on par with Fumoffu.
  5. The animations look great, but the budget could have been higher here and there. Yet it's probably the prettiest comedy Anime out there.
  6. The japanese DVD/Blu-Ray sales are on par/just as unimpressive as those from FMP which means that although the light novel series is still ongoing we'll probably never see another season to this (also like FMP).
  7. That is not Bonta-Kun but Moffle. However, the existence of Bonta-Kun (and thus FMP) gets acknowledged (by Moffle getting called a Rip-Off) which could mean that either ABP and FMP are set in the same- or FMP also being a fictional universe in Amagi Brilliant Park.

Now i'm not getting into spoiler territory here but i will say this. Besides being as funny as Fumoffu, this series might break you in tears. While being top notch comedy, there are also some unexpected Drama hits that might bring you down. Not saying that your experience will be like mine, of course. But if an emotionless wreck like me gets touched by this then you might be in for a treat.

Amagi Brilliant Park Characters

About Amagi Brilliant Park. It's pretty. It's great comedy. It's full of Fumoffu vibes. It might turn out to be related to FMP. It's just really, really good! And you should give it a try. See you next time.






(In my headcanon this is the same amusement park!)


  1. I was undecided about watching this series until I read this post, now I'm glad I did! Thank you for posting this!

  2. Watched this without realizing it was by Shoji and thought it was funny. Can't replace a fourth season of FMP but it was cute.

    One of my favorite scenes is this one:

  3. I think they should come up witha new season no matter what. Bevause its incomplete thats the reason it was still par. I Think the next season should make things better . The 13 episode is just like a movies 1/4 u know. PLz koyotoAnimation bring it back..